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For all auditions please contact the director per the information given. The Director will discuss your experience over the phone and may decide to offer you an appointment to audition. Most auditions are by appointment only and please note your appointment time and date down. Also be sure that you are available during the rehearsals and performance season indicated so that you can meet the requirements of the role. Directors may not give you detailed feedback on the audition process if you are unsuccessful but you are welcome to seek feedback.

Auditions for Season 1 "Brilliant Lies" by David Williamson

Director:                                  Damian Jones 0419 537 871
Auditions:                                By appointment with the Director: Sunday 7th October from 5pm, and Monday 8th October from 7.30, at the Unicorn Theatre, Mt Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Rd, Mt Waverley.
There are many layers of truths, half-truths and lies which must be examined when an accusation of sexual harassment comes before the Anti-Discrimination Board. Suzy has lodged a claim of harassment against her boss Gary, which has resulted in her being sacked from her office job at Life Choice Options. Set in the late 1990s but still very topical, ‘Brilliant Lies’ is a serious comedy that directs our sympathy from party to party, uncovering layers or residual danger beneath the surface.
Characters 3 F and 4 M:
Suzy (20s)   Lead female character – career women aspirations, but with limited skills; a bit slack; prides herself on her looks; party animal, and ‘player’.
Katy (20-30) Suzy’s slightly older sister, lesbian, sharing a flat with Suzy. Trained architect who is now driving taxis for a living.
Marion (35-50) Mediator from the Anti-Discrimination Board, trying to work with the parties to achieve a solution without resorting to court.
Vince (40s-50s) Owner of the company where Suzy worked.
Gary (30s-40s) Suzy’s direct Manager, accused of sexual harassment. Mildly ambitious businessman of doubtful morals. Fancies himself a little.
Brian (60s) Suzy’s father. Previously successful real estate dealer. Womanizer, big drinker with failing health.
Paul (mid-late 30s) Suzy’s brother. Married, conservative values, small business man, trying to hold the family together.
To book an audition time, please contact the director Damian Jones, on 0419 537 871, to discuss the play, and any concerns you may have. Damian is more than happy to have a confidential chat !


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